No One Eats Alone Day at Oxford Prep-Chino

Today at Oxford Prep-Chino Valley, students made a difference by making sure that everyone was included at lunch in our first-ever No One Eats Alone Day. Instead of heading to their usual spots at the picnic tables, students were randomly assigned a color of red, blue, yellow, or orange and asked to find a seat at a table with a corresponding balloon of their color. While across the table from new faces, conversations were quickly started using the icebreaker questions provided by our Be Kind to Everyone student ambassadors.

Before students shook things up at lunch, Oxford’s professors lead discussions on social inclusion. Students came up with ideas on how to make changes on our campus and created a “Growing Tree” to express their thoughts on how to be more inclusive and welcoming to all Champions. These trees were then displayed outside classroom doors.

No One Eats Alone is a nation-wide event was created by Beyond Differences, an organization that seeks to help schools make social inclusion the new reality. This special day was organized by Oxford’s Be Kind to Everyone (BKE) campus-wide program. BKE facilitated the installation of the friendship bench earlier this year, last year’s acts of kindness links project, and weekly Random Acts of Kindness meetings. Each of these events are designed to make students feel welcome, accepted, and a part of the Oxford community.