When in Honour Hall, Do as the Champions Do!

Oxford Prep-Saddleback Valley sixth grade students traveled back in time to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Honour Hall was the scene of epic gladiator battles, rhetorical speeches by philosophers, and thrilling group performances depicting a “Day in the Life” of citizens of ancient worlds at last week’s Walk Through Ancient Civilizations.

Before our students’ adventure began, they spent more than six weeks preparing for their journey both individually and as teams. According to sixth grade Champion Lianna, who performed the role of Juno, the group preparation was well worth it.

“Creating the script for our group skit was challenging and fun. We worked together in class and also at home using our Chromebooks. Interacting together through the Walk Through activities and skits is what I enjoyed most”

The time put in preparing for two roles, Romulus and Constantine, was also rewarding to sixth grader Nick.

“I enjoyed the action of the Walk Through. It was really great to be able to stand up and move around while learning… way more fun than a worksheet!”

This Ancient World adventure marks the third and final journey of Oxford’s organization-wide Walk Through season which also includes fourth grade’s study of California history and fifth grade’s Walk Through American Revolution. We look forward to sharing the continued journeys of our Champions as they learn Social Studies standards in exciting ways.