A MAJOR Week of Learning at Oxford Prep-Chino Valley

Oxford Prep-Chino Valley students had a MAJOR week on campus with the return of our special courses. Our Champions enjoyed enhancing a variety of their Multiple Intelligences through a number of exciting courses.

M.A.J.O.R.S. (Making Academic Jumps Over Rigorous Standards) is an important component of Oxford Prep’s academic program and is intended to tap into the wide variety of interests, abilities, and talents of our students. These professor and volunteer created courses come twice a year to our campuses and encourage all students to utilize a number of higher-level thinking skills.

This enrichment program includes opportunities for Champions to create, classify, imagine, infer, select, and appraise or evaluate in learning situations.

Each M.A.J.O.R.S. class includes three important components:

  • Notable Individuals – students learn about individuals who have made contributions within the area of study;
  • Career Opportunities – students learn about career opportunities and skills needed for a job in fields related to the area of study; and
  • Universal Significance – students learn how this field of study applies to life in general and/or how it relates to global issues.