Lisa Hall, Ed.D., Named Interim Managing Director in Unanimous Decision

On Wednesday, October 18th, during a Special Meeting of the Oxford Prep Board of Directors, Dr. Lisa Hall was announced as our Interim Managing Director. By unanimous decision, the Board acted on the strong recommendation of outgoing Managing Director Andrew Crowe as part of their decision making process and stated that Dr. Hall’s appointment will ensure continuity in our schools’ business operations.

Oxford’s Board Vice Chair Joseph Haney explained, “Dr. Hall gives us a steady hand while we work through the process of hiring an Executive Director that allows for the continued smooth administration of both of our campuses. She is a passionate believer in OPA, in what we do, she understands what makes our program unique.”

With a career in education spanning more than 20 years, Dr. Hall’s experience and qualifications speak volumes to what parents and staff members look for most in a leader. Her administrative career began in Orange County and now spans more than 14 years. In all, seven of these years as a school administrator have been spent serving students and families in Orange County and she looks forward to continuing her work on behalf of our Champions.

Before arriving at Oxford Prep more than two and half years ago as our Coordinator of Educational Programs, Dr. Hall served in four principalships, held a five-year tenure as an Acting Director of Curriculum and Instruction, was a Gifted and Talented Education Coordinator (GATE), and served on WASC review teams. Prior to that, Dr. Hall spent time in the classroom at both secondary and elementary school levels.

Her impressive resume does not end here, however. Dr. Hall is a member of the Association of California School Administrators (ASCA) and holds every certification ASCA offers. These courses are prerequisites for most top-level district positions and encompass personnel management, business operations, school budgeting, funding, curriculum, and professional development.

Lisa Hall earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of California, Irvine, her Master of Education degree in Educational Management from the University of La Verne, and her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from California State University, San Bernardino where she also completed her most recent degree with a Master of Science in Special Education.

As a career educator, Dr. Lisa Hall has a passion for education and strongly believes that all children are capable of achieving at exceptional levels. She bases her daily work on her conviction that schools are important and powerful places where children’s futures are designed through the collective work of all school stakeholders.



Board Recap and News

Final Resolution Reached with Turner-Agassi

Oxford Prep has reached a final agreement and resolution with Turner-Agassi regarding the parties’ former high school development project. This agreement with Turner-Agassi is the product of negotiation between our organizations, and its terms reflect both parties’ desire that Oxford Prep continue to provide its communities with high-quality, tuition-free, public education.

Oxford Prep has also reached a final resolution with its insurer, Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company, regarding Philadelphia’s coverage obligations and payment for Oxford Prep’s settlement with Turner-Agassi. The net result of these two settlements is that Oxford Prep will pay a total of $7,500 to Turner-Agassi. The entirety of that $7,500 payment will come from Oxford Prep’s Chino Valley campus funds. Additionally Oxford Prep’s insurer, Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company, will pay Tuner-Agassi $1,000,000.

This is an outstanding result for our school. We continue to share a common interest with Turner-Agassi in the successful operation of high-performing charter schools like Oxford Prep, and we look forward to the possibility of continuing to work together in some capacity to further that vision. This represents yet another positive step forward for the Oxford Prep organization.

Both of these settlement agreements were approved, and thereby finalized, by Oxford Prep’s Board in last night’s closed session by the unanimous vote of its members.

“This is a huge win for the organization and a team effort. I want to extend my appreciation to both the previous and current Boards and Brian Headman from Theodora Oringher for their perseverance and hard work. I am confident this marks the beginning of many good things to come.” – Sandra Garner, Oxford Prep Board Chair