April 24th Admin Team Talk Recap

Our Admin Team Talks resumed on Tuesday, April 24th at the Oxford Prep-SOC campus and it was a pleasure to share updates on current relevant OPA topics as well as provide information on questions brought forth by our community. As a reminder, the next Admin Team Talk is scheduled for May 8th due to the May 1st Regular Board Meeting. The following provides a recap of what the team shared.

Independent Study Requests and Procedures

The meeting began with an explanation of how parents can go about requesting short term or long term independent study for planned time off or same-day illnesses as well as the differences between short term and long-term independent study. Attendance Procedures for our schools were provided and can be reviewed here for SOC and here for SV.

Champion Village Update

Oxford Preparatory Academy looks forward to providing a new on campus opportunity for this summer’s child care program. The selected program will continue before and after school once classes resumes in the fall. Contracts for three vetted and highly qualified programs will be presented to Oxford’s Board of Directors at the Monday, May 1st Regular Meeting. Selection of an approved summer and before/after school provider will ensure there will not be a lapse in this important service provided to OPA families.

Oxford Prep-SOC’s NOV Update

Our Interim Executive Director shared that Oxford Prep continues to make strides with SOC’s NOV. Below are highlights from what was shared on this topic.

  • Oxford’s legal team was scheduled to meet with the legal counsel of Capistrano Unified and  administration on Thursday, April 26th to discuss matters and answer questions related to the ongoing litigation with Edlighten Learning Solutions (OPA’s former Charter Management Organization) as well as the OPA-Chino Valley appeal in a confidential setting. In addition, they were going to discuss the first draft response for the NOV and get feedback from the team.
  • The search for a permanent Executive Director for our organization is nearly complete as our Board of Directors will be presented with a contract to appoint Mr. Joshua Arnold at the May 1st Meeting.
  • After an extensive search, the Board of Directors will also be presented with a contract and appointment for Oswaldo Diaz as the Chief Business Officer.
  • The hunt for a new central office location is underway as negotiating options for ending our current lease in Corona continue.
  • A new Organizational Chart showing staff reductions at the organizational level has been developed and will also be presented to our Board for approval on May 1st.

Certificated Staff Salary Schedule Update

Mrs. Daugherty informed those in attendance at the Team Talk that a new certificated/teacher salary schedule and stipend chart is set to be presented to our Board on May 1st. This new schedule was developed thanks to a collaborative effort which included a study of local districts and input from OPA staff members and administration.

Student Uniforms and Dress Code

Parents have recently approached staff members with concerns and questions regarding student uniforms. While our team looks to shore up the dress code/uniform policy in the near future to provide clear expectations of student attire on campus, a group of parents have volunteered to research additional choices in vendors and uniform options for families. Oxford Prep parents can expect to learn of any changes or clarifications to our current uniform/dress code policy before the end of the current school year to help with preparing for back to school.

For your convenience, information on Oxford’s current student uniform policy and dress code can be found here for SOC and here for SV.

California Healthy Youth Act/AB 329

One of the many aspects that makes being a public charter school unique is the autonomy our organization is afforded when it comes to our educational program. There are specific sections of Ed Code that do not apply to charter schools. At this time, providing sexual health education to 7th grade students (or any grade level) is not required of nor anticipated for our school as it is for traditional public schools and defined by the California Healthy Youth Act/AB 329.

To help in addressing concerns our staff has received from stakeholders over the past few weeks, our team has compiled answers to a list of frequently asked questions on this topic.

Is OPA required to teach sexual education?

No. AB 329 references sections of the Education Code from which charter schools are exempt under the mega-waiver established by Education Code section 47610. AB 329 specifically applies to “school districts” and refers to Education Code section 51931, which defines “school districts” in a way that does not include charter schools (see Educ. Code 51939(g); “”School district” includes county boards of education, county superintendents of schools, the California School for the Deaf, and the California School for the Blind.”)

Will parents have input into a policy if one is adopted?

Yes, as with our new procedures, parents will have input via the site Advisory Councils, surveys, the Administrative Team Talks, and comments during Board meetings. In addition, there may be additional opportunities for parent input established at each school site.

Will parents have input into the materials chosen if a policy is adopted?

Yes. The Board will appoint a committee comprised of staff and parents to locate materials and bring them forward for review and discussion.

Can parents review adopted materials prior to their use in the classroom?

Yes, parents have the right to review all materials used in the instructional process at any time.

Can families opt out of sexual health instruction if it is adopted?

Yes, and that option will also be included in any policy that the board may adopt regarding sexual education.