May 8th Admin Team Talk Recap

Immediately following the May 8th Regular Board Meeting, an Admin Team Talk was held at the Oxford Prep-Saddleback Valley campus. Our executive and site administrative teams were pleased to share updates on current topics including the NOV from the Capistrano Unified School District and our SOC Renewal. Additionally, the open format provided an opportunity for questions from our community to be addressed. As a reminder, the next Admin Team Talk is scheduled for Tuesday, May 15 at 6:00 p.m. on the SOC campus.

Oxford Prep-SOC’s NOV Update

  • Our Interim Executive Director shared that our team is in the final stages of preparation in submitting SOC’s response to Capistrano Unified’s NOV. Below are highlights from what was shared on this topic.
  • The meeting between OPA’s legal counsel and the legal council of Capistrano Unified was well received. During this meeting, our council was able to discuss matters and answer questions related to the ongoing litigation with Edlighten Learning Solutions (OPA’s former Charter Management Organization) as well as the OPA-Chino Valley appeal in a confidential setting.
  • A draft of the NOV cover letter with a chart addressing each of the items (OPA’s response to CUSD’s NOV which will be accompanied by supporting documentation) has been shared with our authorizers for review and feedback.
  • So far in this NOV process, we have received positive feedback from CUSD and they are impressed with the progress we have made.
  • OPA Administration will have an opportunity to provide an update on our organization and also introduce Dr. Joshua Arnold, Oxford Prep’s new Executive Director, at the May 23rd CUSD Board meeting.

Oxford Prep-SOC Renewal Update

  • Mrs. Daugherty shared that recent conversations with CUSD have clarified that SOC’s authorizers prefer that we postpone submission of the school’s five year renewal until after the Local Control Accountability Plan has been approved and 2017-2018 CAASPP scores are available. This means that a renewal submission would likely occur in late August or early September of 2018.

Student Uniforms and Dress Code

  • The topic of school uniforms was again discussed at our Team Talk. Mrs. Daugherty shared that the administrative team is currently working to create an updated uniform policy which provides clear expectations of student attire on campus with explanations as to how the policy will be enforced. It was also noted that a group of parents have volunteered to research additional choices in vendors and uniform purchasing options for families.
    For your convenience, information on Oxford’s current student uniform policy and dress code can be found here for SOC and here for SV.

Social Media

  • There was discussion among parents and administrators regarding social media, harassment, and being good role models for students as adults who use social media. Mrs. Daugherty encouraged parents to take screenshots of posts on social media and email them to her if there are concerns about what is being said online.