May 15th Admin Team Talk Recap

An Admin Team Talk was held at the Oxford Prep-SOC campus this past Tuesday, May 15th. OPA’s executive and site administrative teams were pleased to share updates on current topics and invited our new Chief Business Officer, Mr. Oswaldo Diaz, to take part in this week’s discussions. Additionally, the open format provided an opportunity for questions from our community to be addressed. As a reminder, the next Admin Team Talk is scheduled for Tuesday, May 22nd at the SV campus from 6:00 PM -7:30 PM.

Oxford Prep-SOC’s NOV, Chancellor Search, and Renewal Updates

  • Our Interim Executive Director shared that after much feedback from our district liaison, SOC’s response to Capistrano Unified School District’s (CUSD) NOV was officially submitted on Monday, May 14th. A summary of OPA’s NOV response is being prepared for all stakeholders to review.
  • Mrs. Daugherty is in continued communication with the CUSD liaison and will be facilitating introductions between the liaison and our new Executive Director, Dr. Joshua Arnold.
  • OPA will be introducing Dr. Arnold at the May 23rd CUSD Board of Trustees meeting.
  • Mrs. Daugherty shared that recent conversations with CUSD have clarified that SOC’s authorizers prefer that we postpone submission of the school’s five year renewal until after the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) has been approved and 2017-2018 CAASPP scores are available. This means that a renewal submission would likely occur in late August or early September of 2018.
  • Chancellor interviews for the SOC campus were held on Wednesday, May 16th by a panel comprised of administrators, teachers, and parents. Dr. Arnold was also in attendance.

Comments from our New Chief Business Officer

  • Mr. Oswaldo Diaz was introduced and shared that administrators and staff members can expect to see a new outline of OPA’s budget. Additionally, school sites will be able to access their budgets with ease and enjoy visual representation of the data. Mr. Diaz also explained that OPA is currently accepting proposals for a new back office provider.
  • Stakeholders can also expect to see new fiscal policies presented to OPA’s Board of Directors at the next Regular Board Meeting scheduled for May 24th.

Champion Village/Summer Program Update

  • OPA is currently working through the contract with “Think Together” who will facilitate their program on our campuses beginning this summer, without a lapse in service from our current Champion Village program. This program will be offered exclusively to currently enrolled OPA Champions.
  • Our new summer and before/after school program will continue to be free to current Oxford employees during the hours in which they are working.
  • Parents can expect an update next week with full details on rates, start dates, and more.

Meet & Greet OPA’s New Executive Director and CBO May 30th

  • Parents, guardians, and community members from both campuses are welcome to attend either of the May 30th Meet & Greet events welcoming our new Executive Director, Dr. Joshua Arnold, and Chief Business Officer, Mr. Oswaldo Diaz. The event at SOC will take place from 4:00 PM-5:30 PM while the Meet & Greet at SV will run from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM.

Student Safety on Campus

  • When asked clarifying questions relating to a Monday, May 14th email sent to all OPA families, Mrs. Daugherty reiterated that student, staff, and volunteer safety on campus, along with a focus on learning, remain the #1 priorities for our organization. Action, as mentioned in the May 14th email, is not taken until OPA has followed all of the correct processes and exhausted all resources to stop disruptions on the campus. The purpose of the communication was to ensure the OPA community that our schools are safe.
  • Parents of our SV campus have expressed a desire to put up a fence to enclose the campus. However, this request was denied by the Saddleback Valley Unified School District who provides the facility under a Prop 39 agreement. Mrs. Daugherty mentioned that there will be further research into this matter.

Information on the GATE/Highly Gifted Program

  • Parents expressed interest in receiving an overview of our current GATE/Highly Gifted program and requested more education about how GATE student needs are met. Mrs. Boucher, Dean of SOC, spent some time explaining the process of testing OPA students and how differentiation takes places within our classrooms for all students, including those identified as GATE/Highly Gifted. Differentiation is a topic our teachers will continue to explore in future Professional Development sessions.
  • Parents were encouraged to look for examples of GATE strategies used by our teachers including mind maps, GATE frames, GATE prompts, project-based learning, and more.

Ideas Brought Forward for High School Orientation

  • Parents expressed interest in receiving more information regarding preparing for high school and provided specific examples of how our organization might service parents of 8th graders better in the future. These included sharing information for local high school orientation nights as well as important school of choice deadlines.
  • Our administrators spoke about our high school night and shared that generally, this information will come home from our 8th grade teachers. As an organization, we will look to send more communication in the coming years regarding the transition from 8th grade to high school.

LCAP Survey Reminder

  • Mrs. Daugherty reminded all families that completing the LCAP Survey is a great way to get concerns and/or praises heard. OPA’s survey, currently accepting responses, is completely confidential. The information provided by families, staff, and the community will be used as our team begins to formulate the goals, actions, and budget priorities for the LCAP for both schools for next year and beyond.

Complete the LCAP Survey Here