Math Olympiads Teams’ Accomplishments Really Add Up

Oxford Prep-SV’s 4th-8th grade Math Olympiads teams were honored in a recent award ceremony for their accomplishments in this year’s global Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS) problem solving competition. OPA’s elementary and middle school competition teams were comprised of 23 Champions who participated in five monthly contests, administered from November through March.

As the scores were tallied, 4th grade Champion, Sadie Boring, scored in the top 10th percentile of all participants in her division, earning the prestigious MOEMS Silver Pin award. Additionally, 14 OPA-SV students scored above the 50th percentile and received a MOEMS patch.

Special recognition went out to each team’s top performer. Congratulations are in order for Sadie Boring, representing OPA-SV in the elementary division, and Nikolai Kim, who competed in the middle school division, on their Highest Individual Scorer trophies!

Math Olympiads is a program designed to develop enthusiasm for problem solving and mathematics, deepen the understanding of mathematical concepts and strengthen ability to use these concepts, and enrich experiences in intellectually stimulating and significant mental activities. Over 70,000 elementary students from almost 3500 schools, and nearly 20,000 middle school students from over 1000 schools competed in this year’s contests around the world.

Thank you to Mr. Shipes and Ms. Saller, along with parent volunteer Brian Boring, for helping to foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity in this year’s Math Olympiads program at Oxford Prep-Saddleback Valley. Our coaches look forward to growing the Math Olympiad program in the 2018-2019 school year and invite students in grades 4th-8th to join our teams next fall!