Executive Director Weekly Update 8/31/2018

Dear OPA Families:

We’re at the end of another week and I wanted to provide you with some updates from this

week as well some important future information.


Labor Day Weekend

First, I’m sure most of you are looking forward to the three-day weekend but in case you,

perhaps, had forgotten, think of this as a pleasant reminder that there is no school on Monday,

September 3 in observance of Labor Day. Have a great long weekend!


MOU Committee and Progress

As noted in last week’s communication, our MOU committee met this week to review the

progress on submitting all the appropriate materials to CUSD on time. We are excited to let you

know that we have open lines of communication with CUSD and continue to be on track to

provide all the information requested by CUSD in a timely manner. In addition, we are working

on establishing regular meetings with CUSD officials to make sure there is no

miscommunication or issue that goes unaddressed. I’m incredibly proud of the staff and

leadership at OPA that has been so diligent at making sure we are meeting these important



Social Media: Help Us Ensure the Spread of Accurate and Reliable Information

This brings me to a point that, I believe, is related to the issue above in that it concerns open,

honest, and transparent lines of communication among all OPA staff and families. I am well

aware that, for a period of time, little was happening in the way of communication with families.

As the organization dealt with significant challenges, many of you were left to seek each other

out for information and, as a result, several informal Facebook pages and groups were formed

to exchange information. Much of the interaction on these pages was done with the best

intentions, however, they too often resulted in the spread of inaccurate information and rumors.


Over the last several months, the OPA board and new leadership have worked very hard to

establish a culture of transparency and accountability with families and staff. The OPA website

as well as the official Facebook pages for SV and SOC often contain the most up-to-date

information available on a variety of topics. If there is information you seek that is not found in

those places, you can use the website contact form, or email your chancellors directly to obtain

information. Please help us in making sure that only accurate and reliable information is shared

among families by going through these official channels before posting on unofficial social

media sites.


Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.



Jill Marks