Executive Director Weekly Update 9/14/2018

Dear OPA Families:

Happy Friday! Just a few updates this week as we near completion of our first month of school.

Cold/Flu Season

I know, if you are like me you are wondering how the cold and flu season is already upon us given it feels like we’ve barely left summer behind. However, I am sure some of your kids will start with coughs and fever soon so I wanted to just send quick note about school policies that may be helpful if your child falls ill.

  • If your child is ill – especially with a persistent cough or fever – I encourage you to keep them at home. While I understand that previous policies may have encouraged you to bring your child to be examined by a school health official, I want to be clear that we want your child at home where they can rest, recover and be less likely to spread viruses to other students.
  • If your child is home because of illness, please inform the attendance clerk at your school by no later than 9:30 a.m. the day of their absence. The attendance clerk will help you coordinate arrangements for homework with your child’s professors.
  • Please note a short-term independent study contract is needed if you anticipate your student will be absent for more than 5 consecutive school days. Contact the Chancellor of your school to make this arrangement well in advance of a planned absence.

Arrowhead Ranch Science Camp

Next week, our sixth graders at SV will make their annual trip to Arrowhead Ranch Science Camp. This weeklong camp exposes our scholars to hands-on learning about botany, geology, astronomy, meteorology and the water cycle, ecology, habitats and adaptations, energy and conservation in an outdoor school setting. It’s a wonderful opportunity for our students to experience important scientific concepts.

OCOE & CUSD Board Meetings

This past week, I attended my first Orange County Office of Education (OCOE) and Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) board meeting as OPA’s Executive Director. As we have come to experience over the last several months, a cooperative and transparent relationship with the entities that authorize our schools is critically important. One of my highest priorities is keeping both of these boards up-to-date on the work we are doing to provide an outstanding education to hundreds of Orange County families.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Jill Marks

Executive Director, OPA