Executive Director Weekly Update 9/28/2018

Dear OPA Families:

Just a few important reminders and informational items for you as you head off to your weekend.


We just got word YMCA officially reactivated their license to operate at OPA – SOC! Please refer to the OPA SOC website for additional information about how to enroll your student in the before and after school program on campus. The program is scheduled to open as soon as YMCA staffing and leasing agreements are in place. YMCA submitted a new license application for OPA – Saddleback Valley and we will keep you updated about the status of this program. We hope to hear good news soon. Students in TK may enroll in our OPA YMCA programs as long as they are at least 4 years and 11 months old.

No School/Minimum Day Schedule

As a reminder, we have several days coming up in the next two weeks where students will either not be in class or will be dismissed early for the day:

  • October 3rd – 5th are parent-teacher conference days and there is no school.
    OPA will provide a before and after school program on these days on the OPA-SV campus for children who have been attending the program at OPA-SOC or OPA-SV.
    Please contact the Office Manager at your school by September 30th if you anticipate your child will attend the program on one or more of these days.
  • October 9th -12th are minimum days where the staff is engaged in training and development activities in the afternoon. OPA will provide a before and after school program on these dates at both campuses for children who have been attending these programs.

Strategic Planning Day

This past week, the OPA Board of Directors and senior administration leadership met for a day of strategic planning about the future of OPA. As you can imagine, for over a year, the organization has been focused on recovering and rebuilding its program. We have been very lucky to have the support and dedication of staff and families who have stuck with us through these difficult times and allowed us to continue to thrive academically. It is now time to begin the focus on the future of OPA so we convened to begin discussions around getting the most out of our programs, governance, operations and resources so that our students continue to excel academically and become engaged, thoughtful and active citizens of our communities. As you can imagine, this is a process that will go on for some time and there will be opportunities to gather more information and engage you in the discussion as time goes on.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.


Jill Marks